Friday, August 15, 2008

I've got Megatron right in the centre of my Viewfinder!

Hey everybody, here is the first of a number of stories written by David which answer some of the questions that all Transformers fans want to know the answers to, such as where were the season 2 characters when the decepticons attacked Autobot city? Where did Ultra Magnus go during the battle? Where were all the combiners?

The artwork for this first story was done by a fantastic artist called ShinobiRendar check his work out here He has really captured the style and feel of the G1 movie.

I was on colouring and lettering duties on this page and i decided to try and go for a simpler colouring style on it, again trying to capture the G1 feel. Hope you like.



hudemx said...

great comic, but I think there are to less (how you call it in english) talkingbubbles?

Michael said...

Love the whole package. One suggestion though, the panel where you reveal Warpath should be a wider shot. Only true nerds (like myself) will know who that is.

Pull the camera back and show more of him and this is full of win.